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Writer/Director: Robert BurkeProducers: Robert Burke, Steve Burke Associate Producer: Linda Anchondo, Mark Fulton Production Mgrs: Linda Anchando, Keala Hopps
THE SCHEME OF THINGS (post-production)
Two teenage runaways embark on a dangerous journey together in an attempt to escape their turbulent pasts.
Currently in post-production
THE SCHEME OF THINGS (feature film)
Cast: Tristan Erwin, Alexa McConville, Ryan St. Martin, Jennifer Hague, Xander Weaver, Kim Mapstead, Simone Leorin
Director/Producer: Robert Burke Executive Producers: Marilee Stiles Stern, David Fulton Associate Producer: Mark Fulton
A portrait of legendary screenwriter Stewart Stern.
STEWART STERN UNWRITTEN (feature documentary)
Currently in production
Cast: William B. Davis, Andrew C. Maier, Spencer Esau, Jennifer Lancheros
Writer/Director: Robert Burke Producers: Robert Burke, Jerry Mahan Cinematographer: John Jeffcoat Composer: Matthew Bennett Distributor: Jumpshot Films
Max Rules was released nationwide in the U.S. by Peace Arch Entertainment and through VVS Films in Canada. Internationally, it was released in Asia, Australia, Brazil, Eastern Europe, Great Britain, France, Germany, the Middle East, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Isle of Main, Isreal and South Africa. Festival Screenings include: Tribeca Film Festival; Seattle International Film Festival; Salento International Film Festival - Salento, Italy; HBO New York International Latino Film Festival; Children's Film Festival - Cologne, Germany; Seoul International Youth Film Festival - Seoul, Korea; Hannover Children's Film Festival - Hannover, Germany; Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival; Staten Island Film Festival; and the non-profit Lollipop Theater Network.
Max (Andrew C. Maier) and his friends Jessica (Jennifer Lancheros) and Scott (Spencer Esau) find thrills in spying on their families, sneaking into each other's houses, and organizing elaborate pranks at school. They have unique access to some of the most sophisticated equpiment in the world, thanks to Max's Uncle, Rick Brinkley (William B. Davis), developer of top-secret equipment for the government. When Max discovers information about the whereabouts of a stolen FBI microchip, he and his friends use their skills and cutting edge technology to embark on the most dangerous mission of their lives.
MAX RULES (feature film)
Writer/Director: Robert Burke Producers: Robert Burke, Jerry Mahan Cinematographer: John Jeffcoat Composer: Matthew Bennett Distributor: Peace Arch Entertainment
CHILDREN OF AFGHANISTAN (documentary short)
Prior to 9/11, producer Kathryn Linehan obtained footage taken of Afghan refugee children, which she received through contacts in Pakistan. The footage was filmed by three members of the Afghan Youth Society and smuggled out of the country by foreign aid workers. Robert Burke wove together a short montage showing the spirit of Afganistan's displaced children. The film screened at Paramount Studios and the Sundance Film Festival in the Gen-Y Studios program. 
Producers: Kathryn Linehan, Robert BurkeCinematographers: Edris Nawin, Elaha Shaheen, Elham Shaheen
A glimpse into the turmoil, sadness and resilience of Afghan children living during Taliban rule.
IN THE CAN (pilot script)
Creators/Writers: Jeanne Romano, Robert Burke
The series concept for In the Can was developed by Jeanne Romano and Robert Burke, who pitched and sold the project to Nickelodeon. The pilot script was written in collaboration with Nickelodeon's TV development department.
Commissioned TV Pilot.
ACES HOLD 'EM (pilot)
Writer/Director: Robert BurkeComposer: Matthew Bennett
The music video Out of Luck was filmed for "Lucy Lunchmouth," one of Seattle's favorite underground bands. 
OUT OF LUCK (music video)
Musicians: Victoriah Arsenian, Todd Carter Koeppen, Carl Martin, SmokeDirector/Producer: Robert Burke
SMIGS (short)
Written, produced and completed in 24 hours, SMIGS was purchased by HBO and aired on HBO family.
Cast: Michael Schwed, Sadie the dogWriter/Director/Producer: Robert Burke Composer: Trystan Toole
A curious boy finds an old pack of cigarettes on the street and decides to find out what smoking is really like.
An innocent couple move from Seattle to Miami and on their first night on the town are suddenly entangled in a web of mob dealings.
Dirty Laundry was shot on location in Seattle and Miami. Although it plays like a farce, in reality the story is based on a true event of an unbelievable run-in a Seattle couple had when they moved to Miami.
THE SCHEME OF THINGS  (post-production)
Cast: William McManus, Nancy Nyman, Gary Spatz, Tony Ventrella, Patti MalcolmWriter/Director: Robert Burke Producers: Robert Burke, William Murray Composer: Gerard Shadrick
ENDEAVOR (post-production)
Cast: William McManusWriter/Director/Executive Producer: Robert Burke Producer: Kathleen McInnis Cinematographer: John Jeffcoat Composer: Stephen Cavit
A workaholic photographer pushes everyone close to him out of his life, until one day he discovers his family and all of the people in his photos have disappeared.
Photo Finish screened at the Nashville Festival, East Lansing Film Festival and won 1st Place Backyard National Children's Film Festival where it screened at Paramount Studios.
A naughty dog is left to her own devices when her owner leaves her alone for the day.
Naughty Pooch was the first Jumpshot Films production and starred Robert Burke's dog Greta and his grandfather. The film was accepted into the Seattle International Film Festival, making Burke the youngest filmmaker in the festival's history. It went on to screen at the Mill Valley Film Festival and UC Berkley's Children's Film Series. It won 1st Place at the National Children's Film Festival in Indianapolis and played at the Grand Illusion Theater in Seattle to many crowds of excited children. The film was purchased by HBO, where it won a Telly Award for HBO Family.
Cast: Greta, Papa Jackson, Luisa Lopez, Lindsay YatesWriter/Director/Producer: Robert Burke Composer: Gerard Shadrick
4111 E. Madison St., Ste. 295 Seattle, WA 98112 USA +1 425 502-6412
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Jumpshot Films is an entertainment production company founded in 1996 by Robert Burke.  Through Jumpshot Films, Burke most recently completed directing and producing THE SCHEME OF THINGS, a feature film about two teenage runaways who embark on a dangerous journey in an attempt to escape their turbulent pasts. The film is currently in post-production. The company is also producing STEWART STERN UNWRITTEN, a documentary about legendary screenwriter Stewart Stern (Rebel Without a Cause).  Burke began his career as a young actor, but quickly realized he was more interested in what was going on behind the camera. After meeting Steven Spielberg, who encouraged him to "get started now" with his goal of filmmaking, Burke founded Jumpshot Films when he was 12. Burke made his feature film debut with MAX RULES. The film screened at the Tribeca Film Festival and was voted the top U.S. film by audiences at the Seattle International Film Festival. It also won the Audience Award at the Schlingel International Film Festival for Children & Young Audiences in Chemnitz, Germany. The film has been distributed across North America and in all major territories worldwide. Prior to this, Burke co-created/wrote the pilot script IN THE CAN for Nickelodeon and wrote, directed and produced several award-winning short films purchased by HBO. He also produced and edited the short documentary CHILDREN OF AGHANISTAN, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Burke is a graduate of the University of Washington.